DaBaby is struggling to sell concert tickets thus all signs are pointing to him falling off. He has responded to the chatter. 

DaBaby is patting himself on the back after estimations of his latest album's first week of sales are on the low side - but he also feels that it shows that he's being "blackballed" by the industry. The "Kirk" rapper made the claim in his Instagram Stories on Wednesday night.

Controversial rapper DaBaby was thrown a curveball when a New Orleans show he was set to perform this coming weekend in was canceled at the last minute. Reports allege that the promoters claim low ticket sales were to blame, but the rapper's agency claims that the promoters were in breach of contract.

Six months after she and DaBaby were seen fighting on Instagram Live, resulting in the "Wigs" rapper calling the police to get her removed from the apartment, before claiming that he had been assaulted and DaniLeigh charged with

After 12 months of incidents and controversy DaBaby is finally getting some good news. He will not have to face charges for shooting an intruder at his home.


DaBaby is once again in the news for an incident that doesn't really deal with his music. The "Kirk" rapper caught a felony battery charge over an alleged attack at his music video shoot.

The North Carolina rapper was slapped with a felony battery charge after an incident during a music video recording went left.

In an explosive new report, video footage was unearthed that seemingly debunks the rapper's claims of self-defense after he shot and killed an individual inside a Walmart store.

The North Carolina rapper was seen on video trying to deliver the fist fade to Wisdom, an artist signed to his imprint.


Unfortunately that's all we know thus far as the police department haven't provided anymore details as to whether it was an intruder or someone in DaBaby's inner circle or if DaBaby himself was involved or even home at the time of the shooting.

Whenever the DaBaby trends on social media lately, it's never for something good.

The Charlotte, N.C. rapper apparently caught up with Bills and his crew jumped the man inside a bowling alley but it doesn't look like the fade was properly delivered despite the lopsided numbers.