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It looks like DaniLeigh isn’t done airing out her ex and father of her daughter after dropping her latest single, “Dead To Me.”

Six months after she and DaBaby were seen fighting on Instagram Live, resulting in the “Wigs” rapper calling the police to get her removed from the apartment, before claiming that he had been assaulted and DaniLeigh charged with two counts of assault, the singer is back sharing her side of the story regarding what really happened during their tumultuous relationship.

In the song, the “Levi High” singer calls the “Bop on Broadway” rapper “triflin’” before proclaiming that their “toxic” relationship is officially over, noting that her family also had issues with him.

“Momma never liked your ass (on God)/Brother wanna fight your ass (so bad)/Daddy hated your triflin’ ass/My dog wants to bite yo ass,” she sings. “‘Cause you are dead to me/Yeah, yeah, yeah/Yeah, you are so dead to me, baby.”

After the single was released, DaniLeigh posted a video of her sitting down with radio legend, Angie Martinez, for her first interview since the incident.  During the interview that premiered via People, DaniLeigh shared that she’s ready to move on from the incident, noting that it happened at a “very bad time” in her life.

“It was very triggering, and very sad,” DaniLeigh said. “I wish it didn’t happen because I don’t want my baby to see that later on in life. But she’ll grow to be her own person and to be able to take things in.” Martinez asked her how she’ll explain the video to her daughter if she ever sees it when she’s older, but she said her answer “depends on the type of person she grows up to be.”

DaBaby caught word of his baby mother’s remarks and took to social media to set the record straight on a few things, including the real reason behind kicking her out of his home–a decision he claims was based on DaniLeigh’s actions of stalking the mother of his first two children.

“I feel like you should tell them, folks, the real reason why I put you out,” DaBaby said. “It’s ‘cause you were stalking my other baby mama, and that shit was affecting, you know, the relationship with my Princess, my big girl. I feel like you waited too late. I told you back in December that you should capitalize on the situation–Feel like that’s a bad move.”

Although DaBaby was a hot topic, DaniLeigh also touched on her own controversy regarding the release of her controversial song, “Yellow Bone”, calling the decision “messed up.”

“It was definitely a learning lesson for me, and I just want to say to everybody I’m super sorry,” DaniLeigh said. “To even speak on skin tone, like, I realized how like messed up that is now.”

DaniLeigh also shared that she will be dropping a new EP called My Side, which she states offers “closure.”

Check out the project’s first single “Dead to Me” below.