Six months after she and DaBaby were seen fighting on Instagram Live, resulting in the "Wigs" rapper calling the police to get her removed from the apartment, before claiming that he had been assaulted and DaniLeigh charged with

The Charlotte, N.C. rapper apparently caught up with Bills and his crew jumped the man inside a bowling alley but it doesn't look like the fade was properly delivered despite the lopsided numbers.


DaniLeigh meanwhile has just taken to the friendly skies as she posted a picture of the inside of a commercial jet on her IG story

After the debacle of their argument going wide on social media, folks on Twitter are reminding DaniLeigh for her jabs at the mothers of the Charlotte rapper's children and their complexion, among other points.

During an Instagram Live stream, the (former?) couple got into a heated argument, promoting both sides to issue statements to the public with DaniLeigh stating that they've been living together for months

While it appeared that DaBaby and DaniLeigh were music's latest cute couple, the Twitter streets are saying that the pair are split and the reactions are as unkind as you can imagine.

The singer, model, and social media influencer caught some criticism for uploading a track that seemingly promoted light-skinned women.

After releasing and then taking down a new song titled "Yellow Bone," fans on Twitter are tearing apart her struggle paper bag test track to the finest of lightskint bits.

It appears that many on the sidelines believe that the Charlotte, N.C. rapper and father of two young children will eventually go back to being a family man.