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A few days ago a video of a fight that went down at a Waffle House in Georgia was uploaded to social media and made the circles around the net as viewers were both stunned and entertained at the ratchetness that transpired at the Atlanta eatery.

Starting out as an argument between a man sitting at the counter and a group of women around him, the discussion went from 0 to 100 real quick as a Waffle House employee and the man began trading fisticuffs after the employee tried to remove the man out the restaurant.

Unfortunately for the unhappy customer, the employee had them hands on him and faded the unruly patron like he stole something. With a flurry of punches the Waffle House employee/enforcer neutralized the threat and ended his shift with the championship belt still on his waist.

Now Newsweek is reporting that the Waffle House beatdown video is a hit as the footage has been viewed 3.4 million times since it was uploaded on September 4.

People loooooove the drama as long as it doesn’t involve them.

“Despite the serious nature of the fight itself, many on Twitter found the encounter to be the source of much amusement.”

“Lowkeysunshin3 claimed this was “what you go to Waffle House for” while BillRichardso10 compared it to the Thrilla in Manilla, Muhammad Ali‘s legendary encounter with Joe Frazier, dubbing this version the “Bustup on Buford.”

“Most were impressed with the alleged Waffle House worker’s impressive fight skills. Fox 11 chief meteorologist Patrick Powell joked that “‘Punching In’ at Waffle House is exactly what it says.”

Check out the video of the fight below and let us know your favorite menu item at Waffle House in the comments section below.