People loooooove the drama as long as it doesn't involve them.

On Twitter, there is currently a debate raging on which is the better eatery between the International House of Pancakes and Waffle House, and it seems to just boil down to personal preference as with all things.

Kelvin Watson, 27, really wanted that All-Star Special without having to obey the rules.

Waffle House is facing a lawsuit after a woman who was violently arrested at a location has decided to file a discrimination lawsuit.

Chadwick Boseman was pretty much a shoe-in to win the “Best Hero” trophy at this year’s MTV Movie Awards show for his portrayal of King T’Challa in Marvel’s Black Panther. When accepting his award, Boseman called out James Shaw Jr., the hero who averted the Waffle House crisis in Tennessee, and gave him the trophy.

Waffle House refuses to be great towards Black people once again, this after video footage of an incident in May went viral. At the Fort Walton, Florida location of the restaurant, a Black couple was overcharged for a meal and demanded to speak to customer service which prompted managers at the establishment to call in […]

It took a little over three weeks, but President Donald Trump finally stopped doing a terrible job of leading the American people to commend Waffle House hero, James Shaw Jr. The former business mogul called Shaw to thank him for his efforts and still faces criticism for the length of time he took doing so.

Anthony Hall did a noble big brother act and took his teen sister to her high school prom in, and the pair went out to grab a bite to eat after. What the 16-year-old didn’t know was that the fun night out would suddenly take a left turn after an encounter with a white police officer […]

James Shaw’s heroic efforts continue even after the recent tragedy in Tennessee. He has raised almost a quarter-million dollars for the victims.

It took authorities just over 34 hours to find Tennessee Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking after his rampage at the Antioch location of the franchise. The 29-year-old Illinois native walked away from the carnage of the shooting that left four dead and four others injured, with the efforts of James Shaw Jr. averting a larger crisis.

The fatal shooting incident at a Tennessee Waffle House rocked residents in the state and sent shockwaves across the nation as the gun control debate remains hotter than ever. Although the still-at-large shooter remains a looming threat, James Shaw Jr., the previously unnamed man who stopped the rampage, is being hailed as a hero.