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Waffle House worker Deflects Chair During Brawl, Twitter Reacts

Source: Kevin C. Cox / Getty / Waffle House

Only at Waffle House can customers get a side of hands and feet with their grits, cheese eggs, bacon, and waffles.

*Trigger Warning, this story will contain written and visual references to a fight.*

The famed down south 24-hour breakfast hot spot is usually the go-to destination after the club lets out or whatever late-night activities are wrapped up.

The food should be the main topic of discussion with any food establishment, but with Waffle House, the brawls always seem to be on the menu.

Recently a video of a brawl going down in the establishment between customers and Waffle House employees has gone viral on Twitter.

Most believe it was recent, but the person who kindly deposited it on Elon Musk’s Twitter, @rbaylor_74, says he was holding onto it for a year.

Also, many people think the Waffle House brawl went down at a Georgia location on Christmas Day. It was in Texas, and one thing, in particular, has caught Twitter users’ attention.

In the video, a white employee is all the talk because she wanted all the smoke and wasn’t even fazed when a customer chucked a chair at her.

Dine at Waffle House at your discretion. Unfortunately, we expect to see more of these incidents at other locations in the future.

You can peep more reactions to the brawl video in the gallery below.

Photo: Kevin C. Cox / Getty

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