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Memorial Crosses Erected At Waffle House Where Four People Were Killed By Gunman

Source: Jason Davis / Getty

Waffle House refuses to be great towards Black people once again, this after video footage of an incident in May went viral. At the Fort Walton, Florida location of the restaurant, a Black couple was overcharged for a meal and demanded to speak to customer service which prompted managers at the establishment to call in the police.

The Hill reports:

After renewed calls for a boycott of the restaurant, the chain released a statement on Thursday, saying that “both sides” could have handled the situation better. It also said that it would provide “additional training” in customer service to employees at the restaurant.

“While our review of the Fort Walton Beach, Fla., incident is continuing, we think both sides could have handled this situation better,” a spokesperson told the Times. “On our part, our employee could have done more to de-escalate the dispute before calling the police.”

Walter G. Ehmer, the Waffle House chief executive, called the couple to apologize, according to the Times. The Fort Walton Police also released body cam footage this week “to set the record straight.”

“The cell phone video being shared only shows a small part of the incident and does not include that the individuals detained were released after the situation calmed and the bill in question was satisfied ― which is what the officers were trying to achieve from the beginning,” the department wrote on its Facebook page.

There’s a lot of tapdancing and finger-pointing going on regarding this latest Waffle House debacle. The couple at the center of the video has yet to speak more about the incident.

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