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A sentiment between all those that are part of the prison system is that none of them ever want to return. An actual fact is that many do return back to the walls of imprisonment.

Saigon, who was once behind bars, has been in support of his friend Tru Life, who is currently dealing with a slew of charges, including murder, which could land him with a life sentence. When speaking about Tru, Sai stated that the hardest part that he has had to deal with is the absence of his children.

The rapper has taken the circumstances of Tru and decided to make a difference in whatever way he can by participating in a charity event for In Arms Reach as the host for orientation for the first class which kicks off September 29 at City College in Harlem. The premise is to empower children who have parents that have been within the prison system. By employing arts and music, children will be able to acknowledge their true potential and realize that they have purpose.

The program is backed by the City College for City University of New York and the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education.

A reoccurring issue in the Black community is the lack of fathers within the family as most Black or minority men find themselves behind a cell or dead and have children that have to grow up without a father. It has also become a trend to NOT have a father in the household. Factors such as this have contributed to some young Black boys growing up with a sense of hate which translates into acting out in violence or other criminal acts.

On a more personal level, without the guidance of a male, it becomes more of an issue for a boy to deal with the opposite sex as his mother cannot teach him how to be a man and how to “handle” a female. This can easily lead to issues such as domestic abuse or “baby mama” drama. Black men in America are in need of guidance and hopefully this will be a major step towards helping the cause.