It’s been almost a decade since Ghetto Inmate member Tru Life signed with Jay-Z’s Roc-a-fella Records in 2009 and was on his way to the rap stardom he’d been chasing since 1999. Unfortunately his career was derailed when he caught a gang assault charge that sent him away for 5 years.

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Jim Jones’ drama with Cam’ron may be far from over but as far as his decade-long feud with Tru Life is concerned, that’s officially in the rearview mirror.

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After more than a decade of animosity and drama, New York rappers Prodigy of Mobb Deep and Tru Life of Ghetto Inmates have resolved their long-standing feud.


In 2009, Tru Life had the New York Rap scene in the palm of his hand, but a murder charge sent him to prison for eight years. Now a free man he stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss coming back home and more.

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This edition of Wired Tracks is all about artists making their grand return. In this case, Miguel and Kid Cudi both treated fans to new material that should excite fans anxiously awaiting their next major release.


Rapper Tru Life, born Roberto Guzmán Rosado, Jr., had a promising career ahead of him that was cut short when he caught an eight year bid back in 2011. But, it seems that the former Roc-a-fella (via Roc La Familia) artist got paroled out a little early. 


A sentiment between all those that are part of the prison system is that none of them ever want to return. An actual fact is that many do return back to the walls of imprisonment. Saigon, who was once behind bars, has been in support of his friend Tru Life, who is currently dealing with […]

Once dubbed to be Jay-Z’s protégé for Roc-A-Fella, it has been reported that artist Roberto “Tru Life” Rosado has been indicted on a murder charge and will remain behind bars in a New York prison. The charge revolves around stabbings on June 15 which left two casualties. Christopher Guerrero, 20, was left fatally wounded and […]