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Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there, of all demographics and non-medical-field-related professions, who have decided to approach this pandemic and the subject of vaccines by trusting their research from the prestigious University of YouTube over the actual medical research of actual medical professionals and scientists.

They’ll tell you the conspiracy is real and provide you with a link from as proof.

Rappers and other recording artists have not been immune to this kind of thinking (or the virus, while we’re on the subject) and so they’ve used their massive platforms to spread dangerous misinformation regarding the pandemic and the importance of getting vaccinated.

So we have taken the liberty of compiling a list of rappers who have hopped on the loud-and-wrong bandwagon, starting with the least embarrassing offenders and on to the absolute worst.

1. Jim Jones

To be completely fair, the Dipset rapper never actually said he was anti-vaccine. Jim Jones previously announced he tested positive for COVID-19, which he said he contracted while he and the other Dipset members were getting washed in that triple homicide of a Verzus battle against The Lox. In an Instagram post, he urged fans to take the pandemic seriously by continuing to “mask up” and practice social distancing. It was all going smooth until he felt the need to reassure his viewers that he’s not “here to tell you to go get your vaccination, I’m just telling you to take care of yourself.”

Bruh, getting vaccinated is possibly the most important thing people can do in taking care of themselves.

2. Royce Da 5’9″

Detroit rapper Royce Da 5’9″ dropped what was my vote for 2020’s Hip Hop album of the year with his Grammy-nominated album The Allegory, but one thing even I couldn’t help but notice were the numerous bars he dedicated to being wrong about vaccines and how they work.

“From day one at the hospital they target our children/Say they gonna immunize ’em they somehow get autism,” he rapped on the song “Tricked.”

In “FUBU,” he claimed: “My son got autism from injection by syringes,” perpetuating a thoroughly debunked myth that vaccines can cause autism.

3. Pete Rock

Et tu, Pete Rock? Et tu?

In December of last year, the legendary record producer proved he’s not-so-legendary when it comes to producing thoughtful insight or proving he understands how anything medical science-related works.

He followed his tweet asking why there are no vaccines for STDs, cancer or Diabetes—none of which are treated through vaccinations—by declaring, “Vaccine sh** is real stupid. How you giving vaccine to people who arent sick???” (So…So they won’t get sick, bro.)

4. NLE Choppa

Also in December of last year, rapper NLE Choppa used his platform to go full tin foil in claiming everything from vaccines are being used to implant microchips into citizens, to medical professionals are lying about how many people are dying from COVID-19.

“Vaccines, the mark of the beast, can’t put no chip in me,” he said in the song ironically titled “Protect.”

“Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this a scandemic/plandemic,” Choppa tweeted.

Well bruh, you sure ain’t that.

5. Nicki Minaj

Last but most certainly not least (in fact, she has been the absolute worst) is Nicki Minaj, who, at this point, should just delete her Twitter account lest she continue to be the L that just keeps on L-ing.

Ever since her embarrassing claim that her cousin’s friend’s fiance called off her wedding because the groom to be got swollen testicles as a result of him being vaccinated, Minaj has been dragged across the internet and ended up beefing with media personalities like Piers Morgan and Joy Reid. She’s also been denounced by every medical professional from here to Trinidad because NOBODY BELIEVES HER COUSINS BALLS SWELLED UP AFTET GETTING THE SHOT, and actual experts have been adamant in stating there are no indications that such side effects exist.

Now Minaj is out here getting endorsed by right-wing idiots like Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson, and what’s worse, she actually seems to think it’s a flex.

She’s also claiming her unabashed loudness and wrongness got her an invite to the White House, which, of course, the White House promptly denied.

Just stop, sis, we’re all just embarrassed for you.

For all of them, actually.