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Even as the fire has burned out and the smoke has settled, there still seems to be a lingering taste in the mouths of some as it relates to Kanye West’s incident.

Some have looked at the situation and condemned West as an overall menace and painted a picture of an evil baby that draws out his horns whenever he doesn’t get his way. Others, however, feel as though the situation has come to an unnecessary boil and have simply stated that it could have been much worse than it actually was.

Amidst the troubles that were brewing for West after his dramatic tantrum during the VMA’s, late night television show host Jay Leno was able to do what few has done, leave West speechless. In regards to his actions, Leno questioned how the rapper’s mother would react to her son’s outburst. Still dealing with the passing of his mother, Donda West, moments of silence followed as the rapper almost seemed to be brought to tears by the sheer thought.

“And Jay Leno, with your banana boat face having a*s, you need to apologize to Kanye West for asking him with his mother [would say], what she would think, she would think she’d need to smack your fuc*ing banana face-hacing a*s face off trying to be slick.”

The friendship of West and Def has its history and is most evident in the music. Starting back with West’s debut album, College Dropout, the two have collaborated on tracks like “Two Words”, “Drunk and Hot Girls” and “Good Night”.

Currently, the rapper has collaborated with Dame Dash in producing a documentary. Although the upcoming flick is without title, the focus will be on an all-Black punk band named Death from Detroit in the 1970s. Production has already commenced and it will be directed by Coodie and Chike, who are known for working on videos for Kanye West, “Through the Wire” and Mos Def, “Ghetto Rock”.

Loyalty is something that is hard to come by, but once it happens friends will ride with each other no matter what the case. In this particular case, attacking West has brought about the fury of Def and although he may come off as quiet, don’t let the movie roles ever get it twisted. Behind all the flashing lights, he is still from Brooklyn.