Lots of rappers have received degrees, and there are those that didn’t quite make it to the finish line. Sometimes between completing a college education and building a rap career work, the latter is victorious. 

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Ten years ago today (February 10), Kanye West’s debut album, The College Dropout, was released. While it wasn’t originally received as an instant classic, the album went on to change Rap music. Let us show you how.

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Wale Campaigns for 5 Mics with The Source I can understand campaigning for presidency, asking people to buy an album, I even get lobbying for likes on Facebook or Twitter followers, but Wale is on a mission to get The Source Magazine to give him a 5 Mic rating for Ambition. Is he delusional? He’s […]

“Kanye can’t help making himself look like an idiot…” While Kanye West was busy vacationing during Paris’ Men’s Fashion Week accompanied by girlfriend Amber Rose he raised more than a few eyebrows, in particular because of his choice to dress almost head-to-toe in fur. Most perturbed by Ye’s choice of wardrobe is none other than […]

Every great star is meant to take a tailspin and fall to their lowest in order to deal with the adversity against him/her and rise back to reclaim their position. Kobe Bryant went through it with his infidelity and Tiger Woods is currently going through it due to mistresses that seemed to open their mouths […]

With Kanye West on a brief hiatus from the music world preferring to remain outside of the limelight to re-evaluate certain things, the rapper is still finding a way to give back to his fans in his time away. The Chicago native will be leaving his fans with a holiday surprise as he will be […]

Kanye West is officially responding to the honor of being deemed the man with the top album of the decade. As previously reported, Kanye received the nod from Entertainment Weekly for his debut project, College Dropout which beat out Jay-Z’s The Blueprint and Stankonia from Outkast. Obviously pleased with his new title and of course […]

With Kanye West officially AWOL as it relates to the music industry, on a much needed mental vacation, the rapper has still been able to deliver to fans in other forms.  Fresh off the short film with Spike Jonze, West is in the process of moving into the realm of literature. Collaborating with the likes […]

Even as the fire has burned out and the smoke has settled, there still seems to be a lingering taste in the mouths of some as it relates to Kanye West’s incident. Some have looked at the situation and condemned West as an overall menace and painted a picture of an evil baby that draws […]