With Kanye West officially AWOL as it relates to the music industry, on a much needed mental vacation, the rapper has still been able to deliver to fans in other forms.  Fresh off the short film with Spike Jonze, West is in the process of moving into the realm of literature.

Collaborating with the likes of Bill Plympton, a famed illustrator, the rapper/producer has come up with Through the Wire, which is a graphic memoir that will feature the lyrics to 12 of his most significant songs in his career.  With the ego that West has come to build while in the industry, who would have thought that 12 would be enough to sum up his best work.

The upcoming literary work has been given a drop date of November 10th as to when it will be available for fans that are thirsty enough to find a new way into the rapper’s life.

The lyrics will be accompanied with illustrations and the book will overall serve as an autobiography that will chronicle his story.  In lamest terms, Plympton will use his artistic ability to bring out his particular image of West’s words as if creating an outlet to his world through his own eyes.

Debuting as the College Dropout, the Chicago native will dive into his choice to leave higher learning for music as well as his known days at The Gap which he delivered to fans in the form of “Spaceship.”  The book will also follow his struggles in making a name for himself as a producer and that car accident that left him with a wired jaw, but in the end served as a catalyst in his career in the ranks of Roc-A-Fella with Jay-Z.

Prior to this upcoming book, a photo book entitled, Glow In The Dark tour was exactly what seems apparent from the title.  In his most successful of tours, up to now, the work gives the experience in the form of countless photographs used to capture what was Kanye West’s grand stand as an artist.

West gave his thumbs up of the work by means of his blog.

This is the photo book from the Glow in the Dark tour.  Nabil captured the experience like crazy! When I look at the photos it brings me right back to that time! It’s very emotional for me because I didn’t want to have to tour but my pain brought my greatest creation to date.  Thank you to everybody who came to the shows and experienced this moment in time with me.

Time is the only indicator that can tell when the heart and soul will heal and West has made it evident that the time is long overdue.  Now taking time away from the politics of the industry, the artist will only come back stronger.

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