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Looks like Ray J is in bad shape, y’all.

According to TMZ the Love & Hip Hop star is currently hospitalized at a Miami hospital where he’s struggling to breathe as he battles a horrible case of pneumonia. To make matters worse, doctors assumed that Ray J had become the latest person to fall victim to the Coronavirus, and placed him in the COVID wing of the hospital where he could’ve been exposed to the deadly virus that’s already claimed 500,000 Americans.

“Ray told us … when he was admitted doctors assumed he had COVID, so they placed him in the COVID wing of the hospital, which he said was frightening, telling us, “I thought it was over. I started praying and knew God is good so I just kept praying.”

After taking 5 COVID tests and having each one come back negative, doctors finally moved Ray out of the COVID wing and into a regular room. Ray is currently on oxygen as he still has trouble breathing and talking. Still, that didn’t keep him from filing for divorce from his wife, Princess Love (again?) as TMZ is also reporting that even as he struggles to breathe, Ray J is letting it be known that he definitely wants out of his marriage, again.

After previously filing for the separation back in 2020, the couple attempted to reconcile and save the marriage instead of going through the divorce proceedings.

“They spent that summer in quarantine, and tried to patch things up, but by September Ray had filed. Since then, the couple’s made another attempt at reconciliation — both moved to Florida with their 2 kids.”

Looks like things didn’t work out as planned as Ray decided to refile even as he battles pneumonia. They say when you’re in bad shape you tend to gain a new perspective on life, and we guess Ray feels he’s better off a single man at this point?

We’re not sure why they thought moving to Florida where the women are half-naked most of the time would help sway Ray to stay married, but hey, we’re not judging anyone.

Prayers up for Ray J as he fights for his health.

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