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Letitia Wright caused a bit of controversy last year when she joined in the anti-vaccine movement and again when she allegedly spread the anti-vaxx “gospel” on the set of Black Panther 2 a few weeks back, allegedly.

While it wasn’t hard to believe that Wright (who ironically plays super scientist Shuri in Black Panther) would take her ideas with her to Atlanta where the film is in production, the up and coming actress is denying that she was spreading anti-vaccine information on set and took to Instagram to voice her displeasure at the accusations.

In a post that featured a suit of armor and a loosely translated “quote” from The Bible (Isaiah 54:17) which read “Weapons made to attack you won’t be successful: Words spoken against you won’t hurt at all,” Wright refuted the anti-vaxx claim while adding her own two cents on the matter.

“It saddens me to have to address the reports published by the Hollywood Reporter on October 6th 2021. The report spoke about my conduct on the set of Black Panther 2. I honestly assert that this was completely untrue.”

She went on to say that anyone who knows her knows that she’s a focused actor and that going forward she will be “continuing to focus on my healing” before thanking everyone for their prayers (mainly from the right-wing side of things).

After Wright came out as an anti-vaxxer, many called for Marvel to just recast her role in Black Panther instead of handing Shuri the reigns of Wakanda for the foreseeable future. Now that she’s denying the allegations you have to wonder if she’ll ever post another anti-vaccine message again because y’all know she isn’t going to be getting the jab anytime soon, allegedly.

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