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Man, what a crazy world it has become. It seems like even the authorities are getting robbed, with the police backing their own, as Rick Ross was a victim of a robbery that saw the rapper losing $60,000 in jewelry and a laptop.

The incident took place back in June, but Nashville, Tennessee police are now reaching out to the public to give further assistance in identifying two women who robbed the Boss of his jewels.

The rapper, along with Gucci Mane and The Swagga Boyz, performed at the Municipal Auditorium on June 6. Later on, after the show, the rapper and most likely other members of the group Triple Cs encountered three to four women in the lobby.

Nothing seemed to be off about the situation, but authorities reported that the women exited the building only to return later and found a means to gain entry into the hotel room of the rapper in the early morning of June 7. Once in, they must have had a field day as the property was then taken and they fled the scene.

Unfortunately for these sticky fingered women, the robbery was all caught on tape as the police have had the footage under review with the intent to finally close the case.

“It shows a lot of good facial features as well as clothing within the hotel, so they’re very identifiable, I believe, to the individual that would know them,”

James Vivrette of Metro PD told News Channel 5.

A couple thousand, however, shouldn’t shake the biggest Boss as Ross is occupied with gearing up the debut album for Triple Cs. The upcoming album, Custom Cars & Cycles, is already full of notable appearances with The Game, Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane signed up. October 27 is the date to watch for the record to drop.

Outside of the group project, Ross has also been maintaining a heavy recording relationship with Birdman. As rumors have surfaced of an album between the two, the rapper stated that something will be coming as they have already cooked up a bundle of tracks.