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Two central Florida investigators are being launched into an investigation of their own after being caught playing Wii bowling during a nine hour drug raid.

Investigators were sent to the home of convicted drug dealer, Michael Difalco, in Lakeland, Florida to conduct a raid. During the raid the team hit gold! They found marijuana, meth amphetamines, weapons, drug paraphernalia, $30,000 in stolen property and the most precious find of all; a Wii connected to a big screen TV! Within 20 minutes of arriving on the scene, two of the officers can be seen playing Wii bowling and even jumping up and down after bowling a strike.

The asanine bowling session lasted over an hour. What the two dimwits didn’t see was Difalco’s wireless camera that captured the entire thing on tape. Unfortunately for Difalco the footage will not be used to his advantage to question the accuracy of the raid. It could be used however to show how stupid and foolish some people with a badge act when they think no one’s watching.

Here’s video from The Today Show showing the incident: