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Romeo Talks Dating In Kraze Magazine

More details on Romeo Miller’s Kraze Magazine cover have been revealed including excerpts from his interview on his record label and dating life.

As previously reported Romeo’s the mag’s July/August cover story and in it revealed what it takes for a woman to grab his attention.

He tells Kraze,

“I love a smart, educated woman. And I love eyes…[they are] the key to the soul. I’m very open—minded. I don’t really have a certain type. I feel everybody brings something different to the table. You know, you gotta flaunt what you’re best at. Don’t step out of your element. You gotta highlight what makes you,you.”


He also adds that several girls from his past have shown interest in him and he ultimately doesn’t discriminate.

“Girls that I use to try to talk to, now they want to talk to me. “[they say things] like, ‘Oh you were on my favorite show.’ It’s really funny just to see the response that I’m getting from different types of people. It’s just like in school having that girl that you always wanted to talk to, now she notices you.

I definitely don’t discriminate against anybody. I’m very mature for my age. I love somebody that can hold a great conversation. All I’m gonna say is I don’t kiss and tell.”

The rapper/entrepeneur also spoke further on his ‘No Limit Forever’ label, passed down to him by his father Master P. ‘No Limit Forever’ is said to boast acts from Black Don & D to Kay-I, Propain and Dallas Blo.

“My dad passed No Limit Records to me, which is now No Limit forever. You know my dad started out by selling CDs out the trunk of his car. It’s definitely a different era and generation [now, so there are] gonna be a lot of changes. It’s very digital now. And I’m definitely looking [to go in a more digital direction] with this No Limit Forever I’m looking to generate money in different ways for these artists.

I feel God really blessed me with talent. I’m one of those people, I really do feel [that] life [has] no limit. You only limit yourself to what you want to do. I really feel if you’re good at it, then go out and do it.”

Look out for Romeo’s feature in Kraze magazine in stores now.
Check out more pictures from his Kraze photoshoot below.

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