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When Lil Mama made the unwise decision to hop on stage during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ performance at the VMAs millions of people were gritting their teeth wondering what the Hip-Hop icon was going to do. Viewers who listened closely heard him tell the singing, rapping, dancing, judge, quote: “you’re T Paining too much” inferring that her spur of the moment cameo was an insult. Hov’s opening up about the infamous incident that stole his shine and called in to Hot 97’s Angie Martinez late Wednesday to clear the air. He admits that while he understands her excitement, he was angry.

“”Me, personally, I would never do that. I would never have the nerve to do that. It’s just like, someone’s up there performing…we went through rehearsals, we did run throughs and we worked really hard at the performance to put on a show for people and to interrupt that moment for us, you know, I don’t think that was the right thing to do. I actually thought it was the equivalent of what Kanye did to Taylor Swift but no one talked about that because I’m not a nice sweet girl from Middle America….And I’m cool with her being excited and all that but you have to understand, people put in work to make that performance happen, that took weeks…I was a little angry to be honest, but what I’ma do, fight Lil Mama?”


After the MTV hoopla, Lil Mama quickly released a statement apologizing for the incindent…

“I did not mean any disrespect towards Jay-Z or Alicia Keys,” the statement reads. “I admire them and look up to them as role models. ‘Empire State of Mind’ had my emotions running high. In that moment I came up onstage to celebrate my two icons singing about NY.”


Luckily for Little Mama, Jay’s a changed man. We all remember when he mushed that girl in the 90’s…I’m just saying.