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Orlando Brown blessed Bow Wow with the ultimate compliment, and Twitter thought it was hilarious.

After Keys made an appearance on the popular Drink Champs show, she shared what Hov said to her after the moment, sparking reaction from folks on Twitter.

One of the biggest live performances snafus all time is now seemingly behind Alicia Keys. She says has since forgiven Lil Mama for crashing her set.

Lil Mama replies to a harsh critic in the comment section on social media who mentioned her infamous stage crashing at the VMAs with Jay Z and Alicia Keys. It turns out the rapper tried to make amends with the legends, but was left on read.

Lil Mama has doubled down on her disparaging remarks on transgender people after fans on social media criticized her for the hurtful opinions. The rapper claims she's stopping bullying from the LGBTQ community, but the comments are giving transphobic vibes.

At least she tried. In what might have been just a joke, Lil Mama shot her shot at Meek Mill under one of his Instagram posts and got epically curved for it. You know Twitter couldn’t let the moment pass with clowning her for trying.

Bow Wow is talking crazy again but what else is new. This time Lil Mama was his target but she wasn’t having any of it.

Lil Mama dropped a remix to Rihanna’s “Work” that plays like a low-budget version of the original. But that’s not a bad thing because music, like all art, is subjective, and Lil Mama’s efforts are no exception.

Lil Mama returns with a video for “Sausage,” a hodgepodge of rhymes and styles over a familiar groove (see: Slick Rick’s “Mona Lisa”). 

It’s nothing short of amazing to hear a legendary rapper like MC Lyte articulate the brilliance behind Hip-Hop golden child Kendrick Lamar’s “i” single. She said nothing that we at Hip-Hop Wired didn’t already know, but it was the way she used her words and the conviction with which she expressed them that made K. […]

Just when Lil Mama was on a semi-winning streak, thanks to her well-received role playing Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, she takes a pricey loss. A court ordered the “Lip Gloss” rapper to pay the lawyer that protected her name a hefty $18,000.