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Lil Mama dropped a remix to Rihanna’sWork” that plays like a low-budget version of the original. But that’s not a bad thing because music, like all art, is subjective, and Lil Mama’s efforts are no exception.

Sadly, it appears that nothing will calm the hurricane-like force of social media slander.

To her credit, Lil Mama definitely stands out in the music video.  She performs an entire dance routine in a supposedly sweaty basement(?) club, wearing a leather jacket and a white mini-dress, while everybody else has on bikini tops and shorts.

Her flow isn’t bad either, but the singing is where it gets awkward. She probably should’ve just made her own song versus taking on Rihanna’s single, but there are no official rules to this music game.

Watch the video below and hit the flip for reactions.

Photo: screencap

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