The Breakfast Club Grills Kreayshawn On Bi-Curiosity, Her Nicki Minaj Statement, Drake & Use Of The N-Word

Oakland rapper Kreayshawn spoke to the Breakfast Club about how her life has changed from working at Ikea to signing a million dollar deal with Sony.

She also clarifies that it was her sister that used the N-word and not her.

The white girl mob member also admits to having some girl-on-girl experiences but doesn’t label herself gay.

When DJ Envy asked her about her statement that Nicki Minaj was fake, Kreayshawn tried to clarify her remarks by stating,

“Every artist has their different motive and different thing that they push, mines is like to be creative and be yourself…Nicki Minaj is something else.”

She later went on to call Nicki creative,  mentioned wanting to work with Waka Flocka and discussed her relationship with Drake.

Check out the footage below.

Kreayshawn is most known for her hit “Gucci Gucci” which got her a millionaire deal with Sony Entertainment.

Check out the more of the “White Girl Mob” head below.

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