angela yee

It’s the end of an era. Angela Yee has officially exited “the World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show,” and is no longer a part of The Breakfast Club after 12 years.

On Wednesday, August 10, Premiere Networks announced that Angela Yee will be hosting her own, new midday show called Way Up with Angela Yee. Oh, that’s what she was talking about.


Is The Breakfast Club no more? According to co-host Angela Yee, the long-running, syndicated morning show which also features Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy, is a wrap.

Angela Yee continues to find ways to boss up. She has launched her own coffee shop in her hometown.


After both Envy and Charlamange Tha God both agreed that Angela Yee should be more aware of what's posted on her page and bare responsibility for what goes out there, Angela said she "felt bad" about the situation before callers called in and gave their two cents on the matter


Earlier this week the Baton Rouge rapper swung by The Breakfast Club in his Southernplayalistic steez to talk about music, religion and porn. Seriously.

Megan Thee Stallion and Q-Tip on the same track? We don't know what to expect from such a collaboration, but it's definitely happening.

According to Page Six, Yee's Brooklyn juice bar, Juices for Life, has experienced major success with many people prioritizing health and wellness amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. During an interview with the publication, the Breakfast Club host revealed that the increase in business was not only a surprise but also needed after the initial restrictions of the pandemic left her pondering over if the doors to the Bed-Stuy establishment would be permanently closed.


Yee's first guest is set to be M-E-T-H-O-D Man which makes sense as she started her path in the industry as an intern for the Wu-Tang Clan back in the day, but she's hoping to land some more big names that people would love to hear from as well.


Even still, Tha God feels it’s not his place to correct anyone for having a certain opinion about someone even if that someone is his co-host saying, Gucci “has a right to feel that way” and “I just don’t think as a personality I should be held responsible for that.”

One year after the infamous Gucci Mane interview with Charlamagne Tha God that seemingly threw his Breakfast Club colleagues under the bus; Angela Yee is speaking out about the ongoing tension with her boisterous co-host.

The fallout from Clifford T.I. Harris’ revealing that he and his 18-yea-old daughter Deyjah Harris, have yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen continues.