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Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj‘s beef is dated as a dry-aged steak so when Angela Yee brought up the old drama on her Facebook page last week, Lil Kim wasn’t feeling The Breakfast Club co-host bringing up old sh*t.

Taking to social media to air out Yee for the post, Kim publicly wondered, “Why are we bringing this up, This interview is how many years ago? Like really Angela Yee??? This sh*t is WACK, but go viral.”

Interestingly enough, Yee says she didn’t post it and during the 11th Anniversary show of The Breakfast Club, she addressed the situation saying it was her team who runs her Facebook page that posted the old news, not her.

“I definitely contacted them because I didn’t know what was going on,” Yee told DJ Envy. “So I was like ‘Hey, can ya’ll take that down,’ because I wouldn’t post something like that but apparently it was a mistake. One of the editors posted that.”

After both Envy and Charlamagne Tha God both agreed that Yee should be more aware of what’s posted on her page and bear responsibility for what goes out there, Yee said she “felt bad” about the situation before callers called in and gave their two cents on the matter. Some callers sided with Yee with others saying Yee is to blame for the incident. Ultimately Yee realized that no matter what, she’s going to have to own the mistake at the end of the day given how people felt about the situation.

“I guess Lil Kim thinks that I posted this personally myself and Envy thinks that it’s my fault.”

Yeah, they do.

Check out the response below and let us know in the comments section whether you think Angela Yee is to blame or Lil Kim should give her a pass for the honest mistake.

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