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It’s been almost a year since Angela Yee unfollowed her Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God for failing to defend her honor during an interview with Gucci Mane in which Guwop disparaged Yee (and DJ Envy) for denying the two ever had a fling (not Envy though).

Since then fans of the morning show have felt the relationship between the two has been strained to say the least. But now Charlamange has not only acknowledged the rift the interview caused, but also publicly apologized to Yee for not standing up for her when he should have.

During an interview with DJ Vlad for Vlad TV, Charlamagne was asked about Gucci calling Angela a “Punk a** b*tch” and how it affected his friendship with Angela Yee when he didn’t push back on the slander.

“It wasn’t a good affect, you know? I can definitely see why Angela Yee would feel that way. It’s nuance to everything, right? For me, as a radio personality, I don’t feel like you should be responsible for something somebody else says in an interview.”

Even still, Tha God feels it’s not his place to correct anyone for having a certain opinion about someone even if that someone is his co-host saying, Gucci “has a right to feel that way” and “I just don’t think as a personality I should be held responsible for that.”

But regardless of how he might feel about letting someone have their opinions, Charlamagne did feel a ways and revealed he had recently apologized to Angela for the entire ordeal. And we mean recently.

“But the nuance is, me and Angela Yee have worked together for almost 10 years. If me and Angela Yee weren’t necessarily on the best of terms, I would see why she would feel I’m not her friend. I’m glad you asked me that question because nobody’s ever asked me that but it’s like, I literally just apologized to Angela Yee for that. Like literally, I’m talking about yesterday. If I’m doing this today, this was literally like yesterday because we hadn’t been in the studio since March because of the whole pandemic thing. I think one thing this pandemic made us all do is it made us all just sit down and reflect and for me, working with Envy and Angela almost 10 years, I’ve got genuine love for them because we created something historic. We built something historic. The Breakfast Club is literally going in the Radio Hall of Fame. First ballot Radio Hall of Fame. We’re going in this year. Whether you like The Breakfast Club, or don’t like The Breakfast Club, myself, DJ Envy and Angela Yee, those are the three people God ordained and put in this position and we became what we are. So whether we are co-workers or friends, we are bonded together forever.”

Well, that’s good to know.

Check out the clip below and let us know if you think the apology is too little too late or a better late than never situation.