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One year after the infamous Gucci Mane interview with Charlamagne Tha God that seemingly threw his Breakfast Club colleagues under the bus; Angela Yee is speaking out about the ongoing tension with her boisterous co-host.

During an interview with Claudia Jordan for her Fox Soul show Out Loud, which is currently filming virtually, Angela Yee discussed the strain and how it has affected both their personal and professional relationships.

“Morally there’s a lot of things I would never do,” Yee said. “But everybody’s morals I guess aren’t on the same level. I think the reason that happened was probably because we’re not like friends. I wouldn’t call us friends. I think friends are people that you’re like, I talk to this person outside, I hang out with them. Everybody’s not your friend. Some people are people that you are acquaintances with, some people are people you work with, some people are family members, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re friends with each other.”

Although Yee didn’t consider the two to be friends, she added that she was still take aback that he didn’t respect her professionally enough to not allow her to be dragged by Gucci Mane—especially after his sexual derogatory comments regarding Yee a few years before.

“We had a conversation at work and he basically said he don’t think there was anything wrong with it, and I can’t force anybody to be like, ‘Well, that wasn’t the best idea,’” she said. “But if he thinks that’s cool, I can’t speak for him. People just have different levels of like, this is what I would and wouldn’t do.”

And when it comes to what she would and wouldn’t do, Angela reiterated that interviewing someone who disrespected Charlamagne and sitting back and laughing at that disrespect is something she would not take part in.

“Just on the record, I would never do nothing like that, and I said it,” she said. “Even after all this, I just wouldn’t do that still, to this day.”

Check out the insightful interview below.