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Alpo Martinez

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More details about Alpo Martinez’s murder are now starting to come to the light. In an in-depth interview his son gives the public some more insight on his passing.

As spotted in The Daily News the brutal killing of the notorious drug kingpin turned government cooperator is still a hot topic throughout Hip-Hop culture and more throughout the Harlem area of New York City. In an exclusive interview with the periodical his son Randy Harvey, AKA Papparazzi Po, shares more details about what happened.

“It was like a student and a teacher, you know?” he said when explaining their father-son relationship. “The stuff that he wanted to teach me when I was little, but he wasn’t there. He told me how to be safe. It’s making me wonder, am I really safe? He’s a prime example of someone who went into protective custody, changed his name and everything and it still caught up with him. There’s still no way to really be safe. He was so big. I don’t even know who hates him.”

Harvey went to reveal that they had spoken early in the same day Alpo was murdered. “I spoke to him earlier that day, because my birthday is tomorrow”. He found about the tragedy when a friend who called him upon hearing the rumors. “He called me immediately because he knew my father’s truck,” he said.

Police also shared more details of the hit. Local badges say they found Alpo gasping for air with six gunshots in his arm, chest and chin. Additionally he was initially identified by police as Abraham Rodriguez, of Lewiston, Maine which is presumed to be the new name he acquired from being in the witness protection program.

The newspaper also reports that some of Rich Porter’s family celebrated his death by drinking champagne. “A part of me is like, ‘Ya’ll didn’t even do it, so what are you celebrating?’” Harvey said. “And the other part of me is like, ‘How does that make it right?’” Randy went on to reveal that Martinez had felt bad about his choices when he was a criminal and tried his best to make amends with Rich Porter’s family.

Police have not identified any suspects at this time.

UPDATE: It seems that Alpo might have still be dabbling in the drug life. According to the New York Post, while he was driving in his SUV, he was throwing baggies with drugs out of the window, per the police. Reportedly dozens of baggies, thought to be heroin, were found near the scene of the shooting on 147th St. and Frederick Douglass Boulevard.

Photo: YouTube