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50 Cent Responds To Bill O’Reilly

50 Cent is responding to FOX news contributor Bill O’Reilly who previously said he wanted to bring both 50 and Chris Brown on his show for a debate.

As previously reported O’Reilly’s fellow FOX affiliate Laura Ingraham slammed NBC for having Chris Brown on the “Today Show” because he “beat his girlfriend [Rihanna] to a pulp.”

50 jumped to the singer’s defense and took to Twitter to say that he would never watch the station again.

“I just saw a clip on FOX news Hating on NBC for having chris brown on unbelievable. I’m never watching that again. He paid for his mistake a**holes.”

Since then O’ Reilly’s teamed up with Ingraham, who refers to 50 Cent as “quarter”, to invite both the rapper and the singer on The O’Reilly Factor–an invitation 50’s obviously turned down.

50 took to Twitter to say,

50 also sent a special message to Laura Ingraham, asking her out on a date before noting that she has anti-homsosexual ideas and threatening to report her to GLAAD—the gay and lesbian association against defamation.

“Laura ingrahams I had know idea who you were on fox news after a little research. I’m impressed you seem to be very smart there no reason a good women like you isn’t married. I want to date you…Laura listen baby I don’t know if this helps me in any way but between me and you. Iv been rumored to be pretty well endowed. Lol…On second thought after reading your anti homosexual I should call GLAD on your A** Lol.”

O’Reilly and Ingraham have yet to respond.