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Yella Beezy Booking Photo

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Rapper Yella Beezy seems to have just gotten himself in a world of trouble as a woman is claiming he raped her after meeting online this past April.

TMZ is reporting that Yella Beezy was arrested in Texas after a woman claimed that the “That’s On Me” rapper raped her on their first date. According to docs, the victim claims that the two met after Beezy slid in her DM’s and asked her if she was “looking for a new friend.”

After a little back-and-forth he asked her out and eventually agreed to grab some dinner in Dallas and go to a bowling alley. Things started innocently enough with the two sharing dinner, but with some two hours to spare before their 10pm bowling reservations, Beezy asked her back to his apartment. That’s where things went horribly left, according to the police report.

“Once there, the woman claims they played cards and talked … until she says Yella asked for a massage while he was shirtless, which she says she gave him. Once she finished, she says she sat down next to him — and that’s when she claims he pounced on her.”

“The woman claims Yella started forcibly kissing her and pulling up her dress. She claims, despite her saying “no” repeatedly, Yella inserted his penis into her vagina.”

Luckily the woman was able to get him off her and escape his clutches. The next day she went to the hospital and that’s when authorities got involved in the situation. Eventually, Beezy was booked for the assault along with other charges including a felony abandoned endangered child and misdemeanor unlawful carrying a weapon.

The child endangerment charge led many to believe that it involved his baby mama, but his lawyers refute that claim as “defamatory” and maintain that the woman’s claim of rape are “100% false.”

No word from Beezy’s reps as far as comments on the allegations.