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To say the world is seemingly run by loony people would not be too farfetched of a statement. Everyday someone does something that does not make an inkling of sense. Dalton Chiscolm is one of those people.

A disgruntled bank patron, Chiscolm has decided to vent his frustration with Bank of America in a more constructive way, choosing to target the banking behemoth’s proverbial wallet as the method to atone for their indiscretion.

In an unprecedented case, Chiscolm has hit the bank with a lawsuit, demanding that the institution pay him $1,784 billion trillion dollars to be immediately deposited into his ATM account “the next day.”

The lawsuit landed across US District Judge Denny Chin who passed judgment on notorious swindler Bernie Madoff earlier this summer.

“He seems to be complaining that he placed a series of calls to the bank in New York and received inconsistent information from a ‘Spanish woman,” said Judge Chin in his written order.

The moronic man alleges that the mishap checks, not stating the type, were rejected due to incomplete route numbers given to him by bank employees.

Fools are never satisfied, as Chiscolm is also asking for $200,164,000 for miscellaneous, presumably for legal fees among other expenses.

The amount Bank of America is being sued for is larger than the $60 trillion figure associated with the world’s gross domestic product.

This is the most dimwitted, unreasonable, attempt to extort money from a corporation in the history of corporate extortion schemes. This guy must be a Birther because only someone that believes President Obama is a Kenyan would be idiotic enough to pull some mess like this.

Republicans like insane legal outcomes, maybe they can sell what used to be Rush Limbaugh’s heart combined with Glenn Beck’s manhood on Ebay and use it to bail Bank of America out again should they lose this lawsuit. Idiot…