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The criminal trial of Jussie Smollett continued with high drama in Chicago. The actor was called to testify to refute allegations that he staged the hate crime he claimed to be a victim of, with salacious details about one of the attackers being mentioned by Smollett himself.

The former Empire actor took the stand on Monday (Dec. 6), facing charges that he lied to police about being attacked by two men in his downtown Chicago neighborhood in January 2019 after returning home from a trip.

The two brothers, accused of committing the attack on Smollett, delivered impactful testimony the week before, claiming that the openly gay and Black actor crafted the entire attack to gain publicity. The 39-year old sat and testified for six hours, appearing calm and reserved throughout as he delivered his testimony according to CBS Chicago.

Smollet said that he met one of the brothers, Abimbola Osundairo, at a club in 2017 and found that he also worked on the set of “Empire.” Smollett then said that the two did drugs together in a bathroom on set. “I always have weed on me … well, not now,” Smollett testified. “And he [Osundairo] had the cocaine.”

Afterward, they went to a bathhouse in the Boystown neighborhood where Smollett said, “they made out”. He also said they did more drugs together and had sex. Osundairo had previously testified the week before that they didn’t have a sexual relationship.

Smollett went on to add that he met Abimbola’s brother, Olabingo but they never spoke.

“He didn’t like me or he wasn’t feeling me — it’s fine,” he stated. When cross-examined by special prosecutor Dan Webb, Smollett stated that he refused to give Chicago police his cellphone because he wanted to retain his privacy and wasn’t concerned if the phone would show several calls to Abimbola Osundairo.

When asked about Osundairo’s testimony about a text message about talking “on the low”, Smollett stated that it was in reference to Osundairo telling him he could get a steroid illegal in the U.S. in Nigeria “on the low”, and that was why he made out a check to him for $3,500. The brothers claimed that the check was a payment for their carrying out the staged attack on him.

As this case progresses, Hip-Hop Wired will return with updates regarding the matter.

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