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White Teens Run Over, Kill Mississippi Man

A 49-year-old African American Mississippi man was recently viciously beaten and killed by a group of seven white teens who apparently randomly targeted the auto plant worker in a racially motivated hate crime.

The victim, James Craig Anderson, was standing beside his car in a parking lot in Jackson, Mississippi when two-carloads of white teenagers pummeled him repeatedly while yelling out racial slurs, according to reports by Several of the group, yelled out “White Power” during the mob beating. The group then jumped back into their vehicles with one car running over Anderson as they vacated the scene. Most of the event was captured live on surveillance camera.

According to law enforcement officials, the seeds for the tragic event were planted earlier that night when one of the teens, Daryl Dedmon Jr, suggested, “let’s go Fawk with some n*ggers,” prompting the group to drive to a predominantly black area in nearby Jackson to look for some trouble..

They reportedly saw Anderson standing in the parking lot as soon as they got off the exit ramp and then the beating began.

“I ran that n*gger over,” Dedmon allegedly said in a phone conversation to the teens in the other car after driving over a bewildered Anderson.

Dedmon, 18 , has been charged with murder and now faces a possible double life sentence. John Aaron Rice, 18, has been charged with simple assault, for his part in the beating. They are the only two teen currently charged in the crime.