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Now just to provide clarity before presumption are drawn, this is no type of conspiracy theory or going out on a limb to say that someone has Fab’s number, but the Brooklyn rapper did have to be rushed to the hospital Saturday night.

Reports initially stirred stating that the MC was involved in a car accident, but he expressed, through Twitter, that the facts were false and he in fact was in an immense pain that caused him to pull over while driving.

“I’m ok everyone..thanks 4 the concern. I was not in a car accident, but I think i know where it started.. Let me explain,” the rapper Tweeted. “I was drivin yesterday morning & started feeling very sick & felt like I was gon pass out while driving.. I veered off 2 da side of the road.”

After stopping, Fab proceeded to phone the ambulance as the pain had grown to be excruciating. Medical help arrived to pick up the rapper and he was treated and released. He is currently home in the process of recuperating.

Seeming to come out of left field, Fab provided some clarity as to what the problem could have been that made him end up sick on the side of the road.

“I believed I was poisoned so I checked in & was given medical treatment..a lil sedated so I didn’t tweet but was released 2 go late last nite,” the rapper wrote.

When speaking about being poisoned, hopefully the rapper may have eaten some bad fish or drank some spoiled milk or something. Loso’s Way was only an album and a short film so let’s not try and get at the boy like that.

Never getting off of his musical hustle, Fab has embraced his knack for being a monster with the Hip-Hop/R&B collaborations. Alongside singers Ryan Leslie and Ne-Yo, the rapper is currently in the works of forming a super group, which is untitled as of now.

Many people may continue to despise the soft side, but one thing is for certain and that is the fact that the man can churn out consistent hits using just that. If it’s not broke, why fix it?

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