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Stretching back to Christmas of 2009, the Hip-Hop fans have been impatiently waiting for Fabolous to finally drop the sequel to his DJ Drama assisted mixtape, There Is No Competition Pt. 2: The Funeral Service. Expected, like it has been many other times, to drop later today, Fab finally opens the vault to let loose […]

The saying goes that good things come for those that wait and Fabolous’ continued pushbacks are building up to be a massive payoff for the upcoming mixtape There Is No Competition Part 2: The Funeral Service. With the tape originally planned for release on Christmas Day, Fab has stated that his influence from Drake’s So […]

Fabolous’s name was running rampant in headlines after being accused of being affiliated with the stealing of a Lamborghini Gallardo. As previously reported, various news outlets reported that the MC and members of his entourage were wanted for questioning in connection the incident. The final nail in the coffin for Fabo and his crew was

As the holiday season vastly approaches, the BK ‘Twitter King,’ Fabolous is getting ready to drop a stocking stuffer to fans eagerly awaiting his latest musical endeavor.  Fab is the latest to announce an upcoming mixtape but instead of following the trend of multiple releases in one day, Fabo’s doing it right and only releasing […]

Now just to provide clarity before presumption are drawn, this is no type of conspiracy theory or going out on a limb to say that someone has Fab’s number, but the Brooklyn rapper did have to be rushed to the hospital Saturday night. Reports initially stirred stating that the MC was involved in a car […]