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Minister Farrakhan Keynotes Millions March In Harlem on Saturday Morning

A Pan-Afrikan agenda is again one of the main objectives being advocated by organizers of this Saturdays’ ‘Millions March In Harlem’, on the 91st anniversary that the Red, Black & Green flag was presented.

Over 20,000 Black Nationalists packed Madison Square Garden on August 13th 1920 to attend the U.N.I.A.’s [Universal Negro Improvement Association] convention.  The honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey and his loyal Garveyites expressed plans for continuing their self-sufficient “Back-to-Afrika- movement.”

91 years later, the Nation Of Islam’s leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, will keynote an event which utilized this monumental occasion as a blueprint for Black Power.  Some of the topics to be discussed include; the need for unified action and change within Black communities and the attack by imperialistic powers on Afrikan people throughout the Diaspora.

Also to be covered will be the heartless bombing and attempted colonization of Libya by the United Snakes of Amerikkka and NATO, the illegal sanctions against Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe also by the United States  and its allies, establishing a United States of Afrika and the destructive impact current local politicians are making on future generations of Amerikkkanized-Afrikans.

Special guest speakers include: Father Miguel d’Escoto, former President of the UN General Assembly and former Foreign Minister of Nicaragua; Dr. Molefi Asante of Afrocentricity International; Viola Plummer of the December 12th Movement; NOI Minister Akbar Muhammad, and a few other dignified scholars.

Father Miguel d’Escoto, recently arrived from Nicaragua, spoke against the “war of aggression on Libya,” stating,

“There is no people in the whole planet who know less about what the United States does abroad than Americans.  They are systematically deceived.  This is the very foundation of what they call democracy in this country.”

For more information on the Millions March in Harlem call: 347.737.3272

or Email:

Location:   Saturday @ Malcolm X Blvd (Lenox Ave.) & 110th Street in Harlem @ 10a.m.

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