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Affion Crockett Interview

Hip-Hop Wired caught up with comedian Affion Crockett just before the debut of his new sketch comedy series which airs this Sunday called In The Flow.

Known for impersonating some of Hip-Hop’s  biggest stars including Drake, Jay-Z, Chris Brown and Russell Simmons, the Hip-Hop funny man talks about his relationship with Jamie Foxx, his short lived rap career as well as not being afraid to take risk with his comedy and addressing serious topics.

Hip Hop Wired:    You’re like the Hip-Hop Soulja Boy…  What made you decide to use YouTube to get your comedy out there more and use the platform to produce a lot of original content?

Affion Crockett:    When I was on Nick Cannon’s Wild n’ Out, I had a lot of ideas in my head on different ways of how to present the characters.   Everyone knew me on Wild n’ Out for doing the impressions during the games, but I was still addressed as me, Affion Crockett.

I always wanted to do sketches where I could actually transform to into these people and start doing song parodies and more.  So, once I started doing it, and once I started feeling like I could exploit my own vision and do it myself, that’s really how it came about.

Hip Hop Wired:    What made you decide to target rappers in your skits?

Affion Crockett:    For one, I am a rapper, and I am a fan of most of the people I impersonate.   If I can get their voice down, I might as well do a spoof on them.   For most of them, I can get down their voice, mannerisms, and I can morph my face into theirs.   I try to use that as a different way to be different from most impressionists out there.

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