If you are a popular rapper, you aren’t safe from the wrath of Affion Crockett. The expert impressionist is getting ready to drop a comedy album a la Weird Al Yankovic called Watch The Clone.

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I’m not even going to front, this is pretty dreadful. Affion Crockett, whose always had a pretty dead-on Jay-Z impression, reprises the role again as he raps about “WTF” Lil Wayne is wearing. Affion’s Weezy impersonation however is pretty crappy. Not sure if Weezy being almost impossible to understand was part of the plan or […]

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Affion Crockett’s FOX show In The Flow was short-lived, but he still has plenty of jokes to share. Crockett has teamed with Heineken to create the Serenade Facebook App, which allows you to invite special someone on a date with a personalized message. Peep the funny man’s hilarious example below. “Slam dunk me all in my […]

Chris Brown & Affion Crockett Michael Jackson Battle On *In The Flow* Chris Brown stopped by Affion Crockett’s new sketch comedy show, In The Flow decked in retro Michael Jackson gear prepared to do a tribute to the king of pop music. Affion, dressed similarly, challenged Brown to a “Michael off” and the two battled […]

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Jay-Z is obviously a man with a sense of humor now that he’s tapped comedian Affion Crockett to play him in his latest Rocawear ad. And in it, we see the star of the “In The Flow” sketch comedy series donning a trademark baseball cap like Hov and rapping about the clothing line before breaking […]


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Check out the many faces of the hottest new name in comedy – Affion Crockett! Along with Executive Producer Jamie Foxx, comedian Affion is bringing his outrageous new show to primetime Sunday  at 9/8c on FOX! In the vein of FOX’s “In Living Color,” IN THE FLOW WITH AFFION CROCKETT presents a fresh take on […]

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Peter Gunz Confront Affion Crockett It looks like comedian Affion Crockett better watch what he says about Cory Gunz as Papa Peter Gunz lets the comedian know how he really feels about his slide coments.  Uptown Baby!!! Make sure you check out Affion’s debut sketch comedy show In The Flow which premieres this Sunday on […]

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Comedian Affion Crockett Spoofs Jay-z, Kanye, Lil Wayne, & Cory Gunz Hopefully taking over where Dave Chappelle left off, Affion Crockett is entering the comedy sketch world and joining the FOX family with a new urban show entitled, In The Flow. The home of In Living Color is giving the budding comedian a shot with […]