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Things I Didn’t Know A Week Ago…In Hip-Hop

I’m not always in the loop and I can admit that. So when I find out new information I want to share it with others who may not be as hip or as up on things like the rest of the world logged on to Twitter and the blogosphere all day.

With that said, I learned a lot in the past seven days. Here’s a list of some of the new knowledge that I hath obtained.

1. Freestyling to the “Otis” beat can help your career. Really. Everyone’s going to love your version the most. Oh and do a video too. That’ll get mad love.

2. Game knows how to rap really long.  He can rap for like for 500 bars in one take. And some of it was off the top of the head he explained. Can’t wait for that album. I hope he has a song with 600 bars right in the middle of the album.

3. If Drake is dealing with Serena Williams that is the strangest combo of hard chick, soft dude I’ve seen since Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Please procreate for experimental purposes.

4. Affion Crockett is a great impersonator but maybe having his own show isn’t the best idea.

5. Silkk the Shocker stopped rapping? I mean he recently returned but I thought he was still making music all this time or he was in jail or something.

6. J. Cole’s video leaked? My man’s single has been mushed by The Throne and Hov labeled him competition. Can we say inside job?

Speaking of the Throne, here are some facts about the Jay and Ye CD that I wasn’t aware of.

-Jay-Z has a lot of cool watches. Hublots, Audemars, Rolexes.  Doesn’t beat my Fossil but it works for him.

-Fans roll up on Kanye all the time saying, “Damn Yeezy!” Didnt know that was such a popular phrase.

-Jay depends on the “ugh” adlib quite frequently these days. It’s in every other bar, in fact it’s a part of the rhymes now. Hope that doesn’t catch on.

-They are rich. I mean wealthy enough to dismember a Maybach in a video, call themselves “Niggas In Paris,” record in Australia and threaten people’s lives if they leak the songs. This album made me want to destroy myself for not being in their tax bracket.

Frank Ocean, Beyonce, Swizz and Will Ferrell are the only people cool enough to speak on this joint besides the two emcees. I like that. They stole the Sweet Baby Jesus so it makes sense that Will got shine.

-“Murder to Excellence” was two songs that became one, “H.A.M” wasn’t that terrible, and Jay rapped on a song with autotunes (No Church In The Wild).

Who says you can’t learn from hip-hop?