Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean fans think the crooner has something up his sleeve. He recently cleared his Instagram account and his supporters think a new album is on the way.

Frank Ocean and his high-end fashion brand Homer have unveiled the new XXXL H-Bone sex toy valued at $25,000.

Today (October 28) is the Long Beach singer and songwriter's 34th birthday and Twitter has gathered together to wish him a happy one, while also being hopeful for new tunes.

Frank Ocean is going from ambassador to owner. The crooner is launching his own luxury brand called Homer.


With all that being said, could Frank Ocean headlining be a sign that he'll be blessing his fans with a new album before the event?

The 18-year-old brother of the Grammy-award winning singer Frank Ocean has died.

The songs were previously heard on the singer and songwriter's Beats 1 radio program and were available via pre-order but this is the first time the tracks have been available to streaming platforms.

Frank Ocean has once again taken his talents to the fashion game. He is now the face for one of the coveted brands in the world.

R&B recluse, Frank Ocean wants to provide a safe space for folks to party. His new club night that aims to do so is launching in New York City, Thursday (Oct.17).

Frank Ocean and producer Om’Mas Keith have been embroiled in a bitter battle of production credits and royalties related to Ocean’s second studio album, Blonde. With the pair both suing each other over the matter, they have agreed to settle and will not continue with the lawsuits.

While Frank Ocean may never fully embrace the celebrity spotlight he has made some recent strides that should be commended. He explains why he is opening up in a new magazine feature.