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Mia Jaye & Dolph

Source: @iammiajaye / Instagram

The city of Memphis continues to mourn the loss of Young Dolph. In an exclusive interview his partner Mia Jaye details her next steps.

In an exclusive sit down with ABC the late rapper’s partner revealed that life without her high school sweetheart has been difficult on many levels. “It’s been extremely difficult just having to pick up the pieces and to find the strength for my children,” Jaye told ABC News Live’s Linsey Davis in an exclusive interview on Wednesday. “Now that he’s no longer here, it’s just very tough for me to be strong for them and be strong for myself because he — you know, Adolph was my soulmate.”

Ironically her brother Jeremey Jerdine also fell victim to gun violence back in May 2020. Shortly after she founded “Black Men Deserve to Grow Old” initiative. In the interview she details how it is more important than ever to her to keep the program going. “I’m turning this pain into purpose right now,” she said. “And so I’m very thankful for the community starting the conversation of what can we do to lengthen the lives of Black men in America?”

When asked what she thinks could alleviate the ongoing issue she pointed to more mental health awareness. “Mental health in the Black community is something that we must address,” she said. “So many people are walking around traumatized, they have bottled up anger, they have bottled up emotion, they make rash decisions. So finding ways to really, really heal people mentally, I think that’s a start.”

Earlier this week three men who are suspected of orchestrating his killing were arrested. The reasoning why the men carried out the hit is still unclear.