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If we’ve learned anything about the music game it’s that someone somewhere at some point is owed money and it’s usually in the millions. This time around it’s Akon’s former business partner who’s claiming that the “Locked Up” artist owes him a Galactus sized grip and he wants his money.

According to Page Six, Devyne Stephens just hit the R&B singer with a lawsuit claiming that he’s owed close to $4 million dollars from a prior settlement agreement that Akon has still not paid. In the lawsuit filed in 2021, Stephen claims that aside from being owed $750,000 personally, he’s also owed $3 million in unpaid royalties.

“Under the 2018 agreement, the “Smack That” singer agreed to pay Stephens $3.25 million over the course of four years but he still hasn’t paid the last installment of $750,000, the updated suit claims.”

This is the third time that Stephens has had to take Akon to court since the two parted ways a few years back. Since then Stephen has claimed that Akon “sabotaged” his relationship with Atlantic Records in order to get out of a clause in their settlement that would’ve had Stephens collect royalties on four future albums while under a “major” label. With that being the case, Akon claims that Devyne should be barred from collecting 20 percent of his royalties since he’s under BMG now.

Stephens disputes Akon’s claim saying that not only did Akon intentionally breached his contract with Atlantic, but also because BMG is considered a “major” label “by any objective metric.” Well, he’s not wrong on the last part.

“Akon has spent the better part of a decade frustrating Stephens’ attempts to obtain large amounts of money which Akon unambiguously promised in contracts to pay Stephens,” the court documents charge.”

No word from any of the lawyers involved in this case but it seems like neither side is going to be budging anytime soon as $4 million dollars isn’t exactly just walking around money. Unless you’re Jeff Bezos or Jay-Z or someone like that.