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Dame Dash is speaking out on Aaliyah on the 10-year-anniversary of her death.

The singer who passed away August 25, 2001 is being remembered by a number of people including rapper Drake who announced on Twitter that the singer lends him tips before every show.

“RIP Baby Girl…in my ear at every show letting me know the next move I should make. Love you.”

In addition to Drizzy, the late singer is being remembered by someone who actually knew her, her longtime boyfriend Dash who sat down for an interview with Billboard.

Speaking to Billboard’s The Juice, Dash revealed that he misses the young starlet to this day even though their time together was strained.

“She was always working and shooting movies…and I was doing my own thing, so it was really hard for us to get long stretches of time together. When you’re with someone like that you buy into a life of being separate, but again, I couldn’t help my feelings.”

According to Dame, the couple started out as friends in 2000 before falling in love.

“She was intelligent and she caught me. I’m the kind of guy who says things sometimes just to make myself laugh, but she would just catch me making jokes for me. I couldn’t get anything past her. She had a very quick mind and a very kind heart.”

And despite the heartache and pain he felt after her passing, he wouldn’t hesitate to be do it all again.
“Our time together meant so much that when we got more time, we felt like that [engagement] would be next. She was one of the best people I ever met. Even with the pain I felt, I would do it all over again.”

In remembrance of her passing, BET is airing their “Aaliyah: One in a Million” special today August 25th, at 8:00 p.m.