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People have had plenty to say about Wild ’n Out star and dedicated in-person sperm doner Nick Cannon confirming that he’s expecting an eighth child. Folks have had questions about whether anyone in the ovulating community is safe from Nick’s cannon and how anyone can be an active father when his many seeds are spread far and wide like Waffle Houses in Atlanta.

But Cannon doesn’t appear to be studying any of that noise, and the only thing he feels the need to apologize for is the timing of his announcement.

According to Page Six, Cannon is contrite over “any extra pain or confusion” he’s caused by announcing his newest stork visit so soon after he and his ex, Alyssa Scott, lost their 5-month-old son Zen to brain cancer just two months ago.

“This was always in the back of my mind, like, ‘What is the right time? How do I share this?’” Cannon said. “I wanted to definitely respect the grieving process with (Alyssa), and Bre was respectful enough—she held off making our announcements and speaking on social media.” He also said he will be “more understanding, caring and compassionate” from now on.

“It felt like I was probably making some comparatives or probably discussing when talking about the passing of my son Zen, and then also talking about the new child that I’m expecting and I didn’t have to do that,” Cannon continued. “Grieving is a process and I’m still grieving each and every single day and myself and Alyssa, our family, we still deal with that. We lost a child and it was a sincere, and still is a sincere and real situation. And I love her. I love my son Zen and I always will. And I’m going to love my new child and I’m going to love every child.”

Obviously, that’s a whole lot of love he’s promising, and he claims he has time and space for all of it.

“I just really want to be sincere, whether that’s someone who’s new or someone who’s had my child,” he shared. “I have such a great relationship and great admiration for everyone in my life.”

Ultimately, Cannon’s life is his own business, but it’s understandable that many see him and his baby-after-baby-making ways as a giant-yet-fruitful red flag.