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Young female painter drinking coffee at her home atelier

Source: South_agency / Getty

A new viral video has spread across social media (and btw, my use of the words “viral” and “spread” will take on new meanings as you continue to read) and folks on Twitter are having a field day with it.

What’s going on in the video reportedly took place during a sip and paint event. Now, for those of you who don’t know what a sip and paint event is, it’s one where patrons drink wine while a professional artist leads them in painting their own art pieces.

Some of you might be thinking to yourselves: “Bro, we ain’t stupid and you don’t need to explain to us what a sip and paint event is—it’s pretty much in the title.”

Well, yeah, you would think that, wouldn’t you?

However, the people depicted in the video may not have understood the assignment. It could be that the patron was confused as to what was being sipped. And maybe the naked guy who is presumably a nude model thought he would be doing the painting—but not with paint. (Yes, I know that’s gross, but, whatever, you giggled a little.)

Anyway, these people at the paint and sip party were wilding.


There’s an uncensored version of the video but I will not—and I repeat, NOT—be contributing to anyone’s porn habit by posting it here.

Here are some of our favorite reactions to the salacious public fellatio video.












Indeed, this is not the history or her-story we were looking for on this Black History Month.

Twitter got us all needing a shower.