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Source: Orlando Sentinel / Getty

If you are traveling the seven seas please make sure you play by the rules. A woman evading security jumped overboard to her presumed death.

As per South Carolina Live News a woman risked it all during a recent vacation on the water. Apparently an unidentified passenger was traveling aboard the Carnival Valor this week with her husband. The vessel was scheduled for a five-day cruise to Mexico that departed from New Orleans, Louisiana, on Saturday, February 12. Reports say that on Wednesday afternoon security responded to an incident involving the 32-year-old woman and another passenger in a hot tub on the pool deck. While the badges tried their best to diffuse the situation they resorted to restraining her by holding her arms behind her back.

As they escorted her off the deck she took things into her hands and broke free from them and jumped off the 10th floor of the ship right into the Gulf of Mexico. “Security tried to calm her down, and she was belligerent toward them,” one eyewitness told “They had to restrain her because she was combative. She broke loose and flipped herself over the side.” Witnesses say that she hit the side of the boat and then fell into the sea “face first”. In footage captured on the scene the passenger can be heard screaming “Alicia”.

The ship circled the area for hours looking for her before the Coast Guard arrived. The Coast Guard searched over 2,500 square miles of ocean for about 14 hours before calling it quits. “The decision to suspend a search-and-rescue case is never one we come to lightly,” said Chief Warrant Officer Tricia Eldredge, Command Duty Officer at Sector New Orleans. “We offer our deepest sympathies to the family during this difficult time.” Fox 8 Live reports that Carnival is providing to the husband and her family.