El Chapo’s money was longer than we all thought. It is alleged he had Mexico’s top crime fighter, García Luna, on his payroll.

If you are traveling the seven seas please make sure you play by the rules. A woman evading security jumped overboard to her presumed death.


This generation’s most notorious drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman might be serving life in prison but his son seems to be a chip off the old block as he was recently involved in a wild shootout in Mexico yesterday (Oct. 17).

El Chapo’s time might be up so it is time for anyone close to him to cash out. His daughter is said to be launching her own fashion brand.

Comedian and Rel co-creator and executive producer Kevin Barnett died while away on vacation in Mexico according to still-developing reports. The cause of Barnett’s death is not known and it appears to have been sudden.

When you’re a drug czar paying people off comes with the territory. According to informants El Chapo took it to max when dealing with government officials.

Amazon just made its biggest push to become an even bigger player in the streaming wars. The company announced the launch of Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music in Mexico.


While Donald Trump can be as blatantly racist as he wants to be without any real repercussions, his base seem to forget that they in turn cannot.

Being an official in the South America can cost you your life. Public servant deaths have hit record numbers as the land of the Aztecs heads to their next big vote.

Many rappers claim they have blood on their hands but one former YouTube star took it to Charles Manson levels. A Mexican rapper tortured three people and then some.


Mexican Instagram star uan Luis Lagunas Rosales  a.k.a. El Pirata De Culiacan was shot dead in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. Many are saying it was his online slander of Mexican Cartel boss El Mencho that got him killed.

Marshawn Lynch stood during the playing of the Mexican National Anthem ahead of an NFL game, sparking President Donald Trump to call for his suspension.