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Federal authorities announced on Wednesday that they wouldn't pursue charges in the Shanquella Robinson case, citing lack of enough evidence.

The family of Shanquella Robinson, who died last year under curious circumstances at a resort in Mexico, is now speaking out after United States prosecutors say they will not file any charges in her death. Robinson’s mother and sister say that the video of Robinson reportedly being beaten caused her death and that the clip is evidence enough to charge whoever might be responsible.

TMZ exclusively spoke with Sallamondra and Quell Robinson of North Carolina, the mother, and sister of Shanquella Robinson respectively, who both believe that the conflict of autopsies between Mexican and American authorities deserves deeper examination. From their view, Robinson’s death was caused by the violent assault and should be prosecuted as such.

From TMZ:

Her family thinks it’s a no-brainer to connect the dots and assume one thing might’ve caused the other — namely, that the attack might’ve played a part in their loved one’s death. Apparently, U.S. investigators felt differently.

Shanquella’s family says the feds did their own autopsy — once her body was embalmed and shipped — and conceded there was swelling in her brain, but ultimately determined an official cause of death was inconclusive.

The fact the feds seem to be relying on their autopsy findings — which are undoubtedly less accurate than the more timely Mexican one — is a discrepancy that has yet to be properly explained … according to the family’s attorney, Sue-Ann Robinson (no relation).

The attorney for the Robinson family says the family won’t rest until justice is served and plan to pursue a civil lawsuit if they’re unable to get the United States to support their cause and file former charges. Further, because of the timeliness of the Mexican autopsy and the American examination, they believe the prosecutors here in the States are looking at this incorrectly.

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