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While the American population continues to “return to normal” as if it’s all good in the hood, we tend to get random reminders that the pandemic isn’t over by a long shot and the latest comes in the form of Desus (Daniel Baker) announcing that he’s the latest celebrity to contract COVID-19.

Deadline is reporting that the co-host of the Showtime series Desus & Mero has tested positive for The Rona and in turn will cause the weekly show to be postponed until Baker fully recovers from his infection. Luckily for him, Desus is indeed vaccinated and boosted so even though he’s contracted the deadly virus, he’s not showing any bad symptoms other than what you’d expect from someone who can’t go out in public.

“Desus said that he’s been isolating, is vaxxed and boosted and “right now my only symptom is boredom.”

Sounds about right.

This comes a year after his co-host The Kid Mero (Joel Martinez) had gotten infected with The Rona himself and had to do the show with some pre-taped segments to keep the momentum going. Luckily it all worked out in the end.

Hopefully Desus recovers quicker than Al Bundy and is able to get back in front of the cameras in no time.

Stay safe out there and mask up whenever possible, y’all.