The Kid Mero spoke out about what led up to the breakup of the Desus & Mero team and the end of their Showtime series in an interview on a SiriusXM podcast. In the interview, he revealed that they were in discussions to go their separate ways creatively for about a year before.

The brand has moved on. Joel “The Kid Mero” Martinez of Desus & Mero fame addressed the split with his longtime creative partner and chalked it up to the two of them growing apart.

When I first heard that Desus and Mero would not be returning to Showtime for a fifth season—I an’t gon’ lie—my heart sank. I was in a salty mood for most of that day. You have to understand, they were heroes of mine. They reminded me of me and my boys sitting in an apartment […]

The Desus & Mero brand is no longer strong but actually gone. But it was actually someone from their hive that broke the story about their split.


This comes a year after his co-host The Kid Mero (Joel Martinez) had gotten infected with The Rona himself and had to do the show with some pre-taped segments to keep the momentum going.

Nas rarely does interviews but when he does Hip-Hop listens intently. In a recent Q&A he makes it clear that DMX was loved on another level when it comes to Rap music.

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Desus & Mero and their protégée named Ziwe are a triple threat in late-night television for their unique approach to curating laughs. "Deadline" takes a deep dive into the inner workings of their genus.


Though Mero will be quarantining for the time being, Showtime will manage to include him in upcoming episodes of the Desus & Mero show by accommodating him during this situation.


Referring to bodegas as "the lifeblood of the community," Desus and Mero know how important it is to keep neighborhood bodegas open as their owners and employees become friends and family to it's customers over the years and even decades.

Barack Obama stops by ‘Desus & Mero’ to promote his book "A Promised Land" and hilariously brings the funny as soon as he walks in the door. Word to the wise for The Bronx comedians: never challenge the former POTUS in basketball when your beloved Knicks can catch a stray.

One of the most iconic footwear pieces is getting yet another stamp in streetwear culture. A new Supreme x Timberland collection is here right in time for the winter, and the latter is also rocking with Desus & Mero..