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The NAACP and Amnesty international are heading up in a fight to save Troy Davis‘ life.

As previously reported, Troy Davis is the man who was convicted of murdering a Georgia police officer in 1991. Now twenty years after his conviction and despite growing doubts of his actual guilt, an execution date has been set for September 21.

This is the fourth time since 2007 that Davis has been given an execution date.

The latest order was issued by the U.S. Supreme Court who refused to overrule a federal judges decision that Davis had failed to clear his name after being given another chance.

On September 19, the Georgia Board of Pardons & Paroles will determine Troy Davis’ fate during a final clemency hearing.

Speaking on this, NAACP President CEO Benjamin Jealous said, “Time is running out, and this is truly Troy’s last chance for life.”

The NAACP (in partnership with Amnesty International) began the #TooMuchDoubt campaign Tuesday and has given supporters three easy ways that people can support Troy Davis.

1. Sign the petition to the Board of Pardons and pass this on to your

friends and family. Each name means a more united front for justice:

2. Send a message of support to Troy as he fights for justice on what

may be the final days of his life.

3. Make sure everyone knows about this injustice. Spread the word on


and Twitter

(hashtag #TooMuchDoubt) so that Troy Davis’ story can be heard. 

On September 15 the NAACP we will hold a rally at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA.